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  • #RealCCSS – Gr. 5 #ELA: Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, using formal English when appropriate to task and situation. #CCSS
  • (1/2) #RealCCSS – Gr. 5 #ELA: Report on a topic/text or present an opinion, sequencing ideas logically and using appropriate facts
  • (2/2) #RealCCSS – Gr. 5 #ELA: and relevant, descriptive details to support main ideas or themes; speak clearly at an understandable pace.
  • #RealCCSS – Gr. 5 #ELA: Summarize the points a speaker makes and explain how each claim is supported by reasons and evidence. #CCSS
  • RT @All4Ed: 'Are High School Graduates Prepared for College and Work?' #CommonCore #CCSS @AchieveInc @StudentSuccess

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