Examples of Instructional Material

In an effort to identify and shine a spotlight on emerging examples, Achieve established a process to select and train the EQuIP Peer Review Panel, a group of experienced reviewers to evaluate the quality and alignment of lessons and units to the CCSS. The EQuIP Peer Review Panel is using the EQuIP Rubrics and quality review process to evaluate the instructional materials for CCSS-alignment and quality. The objective is not to endorse a particular curriculum, product or template, but rather to identify lessons and units that best illustrate the cognitive demands of the CCSS. Below is the list of instructional materials that have been submitted to the EQuIP Peer Review Panel and evaluated as “Example” or “Example if Improved.” Each lesson or unit is available to download and use in classrooms. In addition to the materials there is a copy of the EQuIP quality review feedback from the EQuIP Peer Review Panel. Please review the feedback to gain a sense of the materials’ purpose, strengths and areas that would benefit from revisions. Please contact Jeremy Thomas at jthomas@achieve.org if you have any questions regarding the materials or the EQuIP Peer Review Panel feedback.

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